Best Unique Gifts for People Who are Hard to Buy For

These are the best unique gifts for people who are hard to buy for. Keep reading!


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Do you have no idea what to buy for that person who is hard to buy for? Do know someone that shrugged their shoulders and said “I don’t know” or “Anything”? Then you would understand the struggles to find that best unique gift for them.

When the holidays come around, or there is an upcoming birthday you need to buy presents for, a bottle of alcohol or a flimsy gift card just doesn’t cut it. You’re here because you want to get a unique, yet versatile gift for that someone.

No fear, I have collated a list of products that will help you decide on the best unique gifts for people who are hard to buy for. Check out the following products.

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Great for the Environmentally-Conscious & Home Decor Lovers

Moon Lamps – Night Light

Moon Light - Night light - Moon Lamp

These moon lamps are a great night time companion to keep alongside your bedside table or anywhere you’d like a bit of light during the night. It is super stylish and can change up to 16 COLOURS with remote and touch control. You can also buy moon lamps where you can change the settings on your phone.

This moonlight is 3D printed and produced from PLA, a biodegradable and renewable material. So you or your receiver won’t have to worry about any wastage. What a win-win! Click here to check out the Moon Lamp.

Great for the Curious & Travel-Minded People

23 & Me DNA Kit

One of the first suggestions you see in Google in relation to this DNA kit: “Is 23 and me a good gift?”. I’ll save you the trouble and let you know that YES it is. 

If you don’t know already, 23 and me is one of the largest companies that collates DNA data and categorizes this data to discover your DNA story. It is a great gift for those that are curious about their heritage and want to know more about themselves. The kits can come gift wrapped for your loved ones, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it yourself.

I can fully vouch for this product, I have personally tried it out myself. A bit of background about me, I am from Australia. My dad is Australian (with English & German background) and my mum is Indian. As you can imagine I expected my result to be exactly half-half… and it was!

23 and me - DNA testing - heritage

As you can see I am half-European (Australians are practically a mix of European) and half-South Asian. That’s pretty spot on from what my parents have told me.

What’s included in the gift:

  • a complete and detailed rundown on their ethnicity
  • an indication as to when their relatives were born and where
  • health report (this is optional and also only available in some countries due to differing laws)
  • raw data report (this enables you to cross-examine with other DNA sites)
  • access to relatives that have also used 23 and me

You can either purchase the product from Amazon (click the image below) or from the 23 and me website directly.

Great for the Luxurious and Drink-Indulgers

Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Whiskey Gift Set

Shop Whiskey Glass Gift Sets for cheap. These luxury whiskey glasses are great for people who love a little bit of luxury or those who indulge and love whiskey. This is a perfect gift if you have no idea what to get, it is also a great housewarming gift. 

Most Whiskey Gift Sets include two sets of glasses, a pair of luxurious tongs and either whiskey bullets or ice stones. Opt for the whiskey bullets option for that “WOW” factor. Two whiskey bullets will allow your drink to be chilled or ramp it up and have 6 bullets for an icy drink. The ice stones are easy to use, they will not melt – all you have to do is put it in the freezer or fridge.

Great for the spiritually minded and boho-inspired

Healing Crystal Waterbottles

This is not just any water bottle, it’s a crystal water bottle with healing elements. Thanks to the beautifully handcrafted crystals you can enjoy drinking your water in style and good health. It encourages rejuvenation and clarification of the body & mind.

These gift sets come with a sleeve, containing stainless steel and glass. The best thing about these water bottles is that the crystals are interchangeable. Each crystal is handmade so each has its own uniqueness, color and flair.

I loved this water bottle so much that I’ve bought it for my friends birthday and it is absolutely stunning. It’s really tempting to buy one for myself.

There are many websites where you can purchase the water bottles at varying prices, including Amazon. I have listed some below:

Soji Energy


Great for Plant and Candle Lovers

Succulent Candles

If you’ve ever been over to said person house and noticed they had a lot of indoor plant sand candles, why not get them a set of plant candles? This gift is a perfect combination of both. 

This simple, yet awesome gift might turn heads and spark conversation, but that’s the beauty of it. These candles are so pretty and cute you probably wouldn’t even want to light them! These succulent-candle beauties can be bought as a gift pack from Amazon, check out the listings below.

For the organized-savvy and travelers

Travel Jewelry Box

Travel Jewelry Boxes are perfect for those you like to stay organized and have a bit of jewelry to store. There are so many jewelry boxes to choose from, there is one for mom, dad, your boyfriend, your sister…everyone!

The boxes will store your jewelry in a neat and fashionable way. If you get a bigger one, you can store your makeup products, beauty products, a nick nacks – you don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry-related things.

Click here if you want to shop the unisex travel jewelry bag otherwise, I have left alternatives below.

Great for memory lovers or the tech-savvy

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

This is a perfect gift for those like convenience on the go. These are a fun way to print out pictures on demand from your phone, computer or social media. It is around the size of a phone so it is super portable and lightweight.

You can also download the HP Sprocket App and edit photos on the go for you print them. Click here to check out the HP Sprocket.

Great for people that love being surprised

Subscription/ Gift Boxes

Subscription boxes are great gifts for people that love a bit of variety. I’d strongly suggest this gift if you really have no idea what to get. There are many and almost too many subscription boxes to choose from. This is a great thing because you can’t go wrong when you pick a box.

Find out if this person is girly, loves plants, beauty products, food or any other niche you can think of – there is a subscription box for that. I have linked some major subscription boxes below.



  • Allure – These are the top trending makeup and beauty products handpicked by editors 
  • Body Shop Gift Sets – Perfect for those who love pamperigng themselves


  • Rachel Zoe Box  – Rachel handpicks fashion items that will cater to everyone.


  • Bump Boxes – If you are pregnant, these boxes are great to help you along your pregnancy journey.
  • Pregnancy gift box – this is a bigger version and includes helpful booklets



Great for the coffee-addicts and office workers

Coffee Mug Warmer

Need to keep your coffee toasty warm? Opt for the coffee mug warmer. This is perfect for both home and office use, this is easy to use and it is portable and lightweight.

Great for party people and people pleasers

Fun Card Games

Adults only! These card games will spice up your gathering with friends and family. These games bring friendships together or completely breaks them… are you willing to play it?

Popular card games:

  • Cards against humanity (18+)
  • Unstable Unicorns (14+ years)
  • What do you Meme? (18+)

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