12 Swedish Youtubers for Learning Swedish in 2020

Are you learning Swedish? 

Do you want a fun way to learn Swedish?

Youtube is an awesome resource to learn Swedish with Swedish Youtubers.

It is different than watching TV shows in Swedish, as they are trained to speak a particular way. 

Youtube videos are mostly native speakers, meaning you’ll be able to hear more casual pronunciations. 

By watching Youtube videos you will catch on their lingo and become a pro in no time.

These are the best Swedish YouTubers to learn Swedish.

swedish youtubers to learn swedish

Benefits of Watching Swedish Youtubers

  • You listen in a more casual setting, you’ll be less likely to sound like a robot.
  • Watching vlogs provides more visuals as most vloggers use a lot of hand gestures and love pointing to objects. This helps you understand and link a word and object together.
  • More engaging content. I have personally found watching Youtube videos are more engaging than using a boring textbook.

Katrin Berndt

Katrin has two Youtube channels, an English channel and a Swedish channel. She has a selection of Swedish videos on both channels, including subtitles so it is easy for you to understand. Her videos cover a variety of topics so you’ll find something that you can enjoy. 

Her Swedish channel features videos in slow, medium and fast paced Swedish. The slow Swedish definitely helps if you are a beginner, you’ll be able to understand each word with ease. Her content helps a lot as she incorporates her accent without sounding like a robot while speaking slowly. 

Swedish Channel – Katrin Berndt SWE 

English Channel (some Swedish content) – Katrin Berndt

SwedishPod 101

SwedishPod is a more formalized way of learning Swedish. They have a number of lessons you can choose from on their Youtube channel. A great thing about this channel is that they use different native speakers so you get a feel of how Swedish is spoken from a variety of people. 

The Youtube channel has different playlist that are sorted in difficulty and genres. For exmaples there are different playlists including Swedish Made Easy and even Swedish Learning Strategies playlist to help you reach your maximum language learning potential.

SwedishPod 101 also has their own website including podcasts, online learning resources and a community to interact with other Swedish learners.

Channel – Learn Swedish with SwedishPod101.com

I Just Want To Be Cool

This Youtube channel is great if you love comedy skits. IJustWantToBeCool is a comedy trio that produces awesome content that hilarious, and enjoyable to watch.

Majority of their videos have English and Swedish subtitles. The channel is easy to follow, the trio speaks clear and concisely. If you love their content, they also have a second channel that has more of a casual setting and is worth your time to check out too!

Main Channel – IJustWantToBeCool

Second Channel – IJustWantToBeCool2

Stefan Thyron

Stefan is an American who recently moved to Sweden. His channel is good to learn about Swedish culture from a foreign perspective.

He also has a series of Swedish speaking videos where he films his progress of speaking the Swedish language. I recommend playing his playlist: Videos in Swedish. All of his Swedish videos have subtitles and he speaks clearly, so it is easy to understand and follow.

Channel – Stefan Thyron


Nackagubben channel is about the Swedish language, Nordic culture, and games. He understands that most of his audience does not speak Swedish, so he uses this to his advantage to teach us.

Many of his videos are in English, however have Swedish integrated. This is perfect for beginners to get a jist of Swedish culture and language.

Channel Nackagubben

Bianca Ingrosso

Bianca Ingrosso is one of the most well-known Swedish social media influencers. Her videos are all in Swedish and are in a vlog style manner. I personally find Bianca easier to follow than others as she takes a lot of small breaks in between words.

She also has a TV show with her family called Wahlgreens Varld with her family. If you like fashion, beauty, makeup and lifestyle you will like her channels content.

Channel  – Bianca Ingrosso

Angry Foreigner

Angry Foreigner has a mix of English and Swedish videos. All videos in Swedish have English subtitles, making it easy to follow on.

The channel talks about various social and political issues in his home country of Sweden. This is a good channel if you want to understand a little more about Sweden’s sociocultural environment.

Channel – Angry Foreigner

Therese Lindgren

If you like cozy vlogs, you will like Therese. She produces a wide range of content that anyone would enjoy watching. Some of her videos include; DIY’s, testing stuff out, makeup, fashion, food and many more.

I do find that she does speak quite fast, especially for someone who is a beginner. However, even without subtitles, her videos are interesting to watch.

Channel – Therese Lindgren


If you are wanting to learn the Swedish language in a casual setting, The Swedish Lad is your go-to.

His videos are in English but teach Swedish. Particularly, every Thursday he uploads “10 Swedish Words”. Check out his playlist that has around 300+ videos of 10 Swedish Words.

Margaux Dietz

Margaux Dietz has all of her videos in Swedish. She vlogs her life with her small family.

Her videos are entertaining and feature a wide variety of content. Majority of her videos have Swedish subtitles so you can follow along if you know how to read a little Swedish. Her pace of speaking can be fast at times, but she is easy to understand after you watch for a while.

Channel – Margaux Dietz

Crazy Pictures

A group of friends with their own studio, film crazy and awesome videos in Swedish. Majority of their videos have subtitles.

These guys make movies as they are passionate about telling stories and having fun along the way. If you are into comedy skits, Crazy Pictures Youtube channel is a must watch!

Channel – Crazy Pictures


Kenza has a combination of English and Swedish videos. She is Scandinavia’ most popular fashion blogger. More recently she has posted purely in Swedish. All of her Swedish videos are subtitled in English.

She also has a blog where she writes in Swedish and English in every post. Following her blog is easy because I can easily refer to the English version if I find a difficult word.

Say It In Swedish

Joakim is a native Swede with a Youtube channel to teach Swedish. You’ll learn about Swedish and Swedish culture in a fun and casual way with the Swede!

You should check out his series: Slow Swedish. All of his videos have both Swedish and English subtitles. I highly recommend checking this channel out.

He also has a free website to Learn Swedish: sayitinswedish.com

The Swedish Family

This Youtube channel is honestly perfect for those just starting out to learn Swedish. All of their videos have English subtitles and majority have both English AND Swedish. The family speak slowly and are mindful that a bunch of their subscribers are native English speakers. They are easy to understand and tend to use simpler vocbabulary.

This Swedish Youtube channel is centred around a Swedish family that loves travel, do everyday vlogs, experiments, DIY and much more. The way their videos are presented is very educational and insightful of Swedish culture.

This channel is a must watch for anyone learning Swedish. You can watch their video with subtitles in English, watch it again with Swedish subtitles, which I find has helped my listening comprehension a lot!

Channel – The Swedish Family

Watching Youtube videos is the best way to learn Swedish free. Being a Swedish language learner can be hard at times that’s why I’ve written the best 13 habits of successful language learners.

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