Best Swedish TV Shows with English Subtitles in 2020

Learning a new language can become repetitive and bothersome after a while. Thank goodness for TV shows that help us learn languages in a creative, entertaining and fun way. I have collated a list of the best TV shows to learn Swedish that I have watched and loved.

Watching Swedish TV shows will allow you to hear the different dialects, increase your vocab and get used to the pronunciation. It will also allow you to learn more about Swedish culture. Here are the best TV shows to learn Swedish.

Bonusfamiljen | Bonus Family

Got Netflix? You’re in luck! The show features on Netflix all around the world. It is about a dysfunctional family set in modern Sweden. It follows the lives of new couples, new families, many exes and relationships. This a great show for those you love a laugh and drama. 

Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: English, Swedish

Åkta Människor | Real Humans

A show about humanized robots and humans co-existing in the same world. This show is hands down awesome. It is set in an alternative future in Sweden where robots are the norm in society. However, when some robots rebel it causes a real big disturbance and uncertainty. This show only aired between 2012-2013, but it is well-worth your watch.

Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: English, Swedish



A nordic-noir, this shows is about an ex-FBI specialist who works with the police and her mentally-ill daughter to help unravel the strange motive of a vicious killer. I was on the edge of my seat watching this show. 10/10 would binge watch! Some scenes are spoken in English, but the majority of the show is in Swedish.

Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: English, Swedish


Bron | The Bridge

The show follows Danish and Swedish detectives working on cross-border cases. With cultural and language difference watching the Danish and Swedish work together is quite funny at times. The show is great if you love crimes and drama.

Keep in mind that the show is spoken in Danish and Swedish. However, by the end of watching the show, I even picked up on some Danish. As a beginner, I was impressed with how easily I could distinguish the two languages.

Audio: Swedish, Danish | Subtitles: English, Swedish, Danish


Welcome To Sweden

If you want a few laughs, watch Welcome To Sweden. This show is perfect for beginners as it has English and Swedish, so you won’t feel completely out of the loop.

This comedy-drama series follows an American man who moves to Sweden to be with his Swedish girlfriend. His faces the dilemma of learning a new language from scratch and navigating Swedish culture.

Audio: Swedish, English | Subtitles: English, Swedish

Fallet | The Case

The show follows two failing police officers to solve a ‘dead-end’ case that turns out the be one of the most regarded cases. When an Englishman is killed in Sweden, the unlikely duo team up to solve the case.

This show is also in English and Swedish as it follows an Englishman and a Swede. Expect culture clashes, eccentric characters, and fun humor.

Audio: Swedish, English | Subtitles: English, Swedish


If you’re a teen girly fan like me, you’ll like this show. Shadowhunters in filmed in English but dubbed in Swedish. I did not have a problem with this at the time, as I was mostly staring at the subtitles. 

Shadowhunters are based on mythological creatures, demons, humans, angels and ‘shadowhunters’ trying to co-exist and manage peace. You can watch the show on Netflix.

Audio: Swedish, English | Subtitles: English, Swedish

Wahlgrens värld | Wahlgrens World

Love reality TV? Sit back and relax, this show doesn’t require you to understand any plot. I like watching Swedish reality TV shows as it gives you an insight as to how Swedish people talk in their day-to-day lives.

Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: Swedish


Störst av allt | Quicksand

This is Sweden’s first Swedish Netflix original with a heavy focus on crime and drama. It follows a Swedish highscooler facing hefty jail time for her fellow peers murder.

The Netflix series has a lot of twists and suprising moments. 

Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: Swedish & English