Learn Common Swedish Swear Words & Swedish Insults

When you are learning a new language the first thing most people love to learn first is curse words and insults.

From watching the best Swedish TV shows and Youtube videos, I find that Swedes do like to swear in English. This is because most Swedes are fluent in English.

Although Swedes commonly swear in English, there are plenty of Swedish swear words both modern and old-fashioned.

If you ask someone what the most common Swedish curse word are, then here you go:

  • Fan – Fuck
  • Helvete – Means hell
  • Skit – Shit
  • Piss – Piss
  • Herregud – Omg
  • Asshole – rövhål
  • Jävlar – Fucking
  • Din jävla idiot – You fucking idiot

Jävlar originates from the devil which has changed meaning over time to mean “fucking”.

You will notice that few of the Swedish swear words translate to “fuck” in English. Don’t be confused that “fuck” in English does not translate to the equivalent of sex in Swedish.

You will also find that Swedish swear words can be numbered. In the words of PewDiePie, “don’t ask questions” about Swedish swear words, because they make no sense. 

Check out PewDiePie’s take on Swedish swear words below.

Here are some Swedish numbered swear words:

  • Attans – Damn (Based on number 8 – Atta)
  • Sjutton
  • Tusen

Now, if you want to know some hardcore Svenska swear words then you need to be careful when you use these. Just think of swear words in English that you wouldn’t really say freely.

Here are some of these ruder Swedish curse words:

  • F!tta – C!nt
  • Hora – Wh0re
  • Kuk – Cock
  • Kuksugare – Cock Sucker

Have no idea how to pronounce these swear words? I don’t blame you! Being a native English speaker, it can be hard to pronounce Swedish. Check out Katrin Bernt’s video on Swedish swear words.

We have a whole bunch of Swedish content on this website. If you are looking for everyday Swedish content, I suggest clicking here for the best Swedish Youtubers to learn Swedish. Youtubers are awesome to learn the slang and common swedish curse words.